Tuition & Fees

Renegade Martial Arts is unique compared to other martial art studios in that we do not offer long term contracts. Instead we charge a monthly membership fee. The monthly membership fee and any additional fees break down as follows.

Membership Fee: $75 per student due each month.

For ages 5 & up. The membership fee will be due on the one month anniversary start date. Included in this monthly fee is your designated class by age as well as both open sparring classes that are available throughout the week. Not included in the monthly fee Price of Karate GI (See Below) and any additional gear needed.

Little Dragons: $50.00 per student per month.

For children of 4 years of age to learn to improve their motor skill, strength, and coordination.

Additional Fees:

Not included in the monthly membership fee are the following:

  • Insurance Fee $10 / Year

    $10 fee per student for year.

  • Karate Gi’s Starting at $30

    Required to take part in the class. Pricing varies based on size needed.

  • Additional Gear Pricing Varies

    Additional Gear such as sparring equipment or Nunchaku to be purchased by student, parent or Renegade Martial Arts.

Family Tuition Discounts:

  • 1 Child (no discount)
  • 2nd Child ($140 /month)
  • 3rd Child ($200 /month)